Grenadier Grips + SmartShake Lite 1000 ml White Camo

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Grenadier Grips

GRENADIER GRIPS measure approximately 3" in diameter (73mm), or about the size of a baseball, tennis ball, or cricket ball. They are specifically and ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, allowing for comfort during training...

Built to last GRENADIER GRIPS are made from an FDA approved high grade elastomer polymer which ensures they will not split or crack

- Unique design
- Increase all digit grip strength
- Greater exercise variation
- Portable and light weight with an awesome carry case
- Reduce wrist strain with an EZ-style grip and avoid shoulder discomfort with a neutral grip
- Anti slip material for maximum stability

- (1) x Camouflage Case
- 100%, NO HASSLE, lifetime money-back guarantee

SmartShake Lite 1000 ml White Camo

Introducing the new 1000 ml SmartShake. SmartShake combines function with fashion to create the perfect shaker.

100% strong
Leak-proof and durable