Scitec Nutrition VitarGo! 900g


Scitec VitarGo!

VitarGo! contains Vitargo, a patented, high molecular weight carbohydrate with an average molecular weight of 500,000-700,000. It’s unique, because it’s specially processed to yield a molecular profile that is massively different from the sugars (e.g. Glucose, Fructose) and Maltodextrin found in many products. The molecular weight of Maltodextrin is around 1,000-10,000 and Dextrose is approximately 180!
It has generally been accepted by science that prolonged submaximal exercise is limited by the availability of muscle and liver glycogen stores and that these stores increase when carbohydrate intake is high. It has also been shown that the rate of glycogen (stored carbohydrate in the body) synthesis is highest in muscles in which the glycogen stores have been depleted by exercise. The rate of glycogen synthesis following exercise is of importance for athletes during training sessions with repeated periods of heavy or submaximal exercise, as well as during competition especially when several periods of intense exercise are performed. Synthesis of muscle glycogen from ingested carbohydrates is dependant on the transport of glucose across the intestinal mucosa and the muscle cell membrane and on the enzymes responsible for glycogen phosphorylation and synthesis. Blood glucose concentrations are influenced by the influx of glucose from the stomach, via the intestine and into the blood. It has been shown that the osmolality of an ingested solution can interfere with the emptying rate from the stomach. Thus a high osmolality may delay gastric emptying which could delay the release of glucose from the intestine. With Vitargo a very low osmolality, but high carbohydrate drink can be made!

Halal Approved

Serving Information
Container Size: 900 g
Serving Size: 30 g
Servings Per Container: 30

Nutritional Information Per Serving
Energy: 120
Carbohydrate: 30 g
of which Sugars: 0 g

Vitargo (a patented, high molecular weight carbohydrate from starch)

Recommended Use
Dissolve 1 serving in 400 ml of water.
Use before, during and/or after training to provide carbohydrates and energy for the body.

Allergen Information
Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy and egg proteins, gluten and peanuts.